Transitioning to a Performance College

Are you ready for the big move? From a small town musical theatre class fanatic to a big city performing arts college student. I thought I was but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Here’s some  tips to help you get through your first year, after that it becomes a whole lot easier.

– Don’t feel alone. It’s always going to be tricky when your friends attend a regular uni all together and you feel completely on your own but remember achieving your dreams will never be easy and there will be other people on your course feeling the same, talk to them, make new friends.

– Push yourself. Going from being a big fish in a little pond to a small fish in a big pond. Make your self as known as you can in every class you take. No matter how tired you are (and you will be) you now have to push yourself further than ever before because you will be surrounded by people who want it just as bad as you if not more.

– Sleep as much as you can. A performing arts college is not like a normal uni, you will be working overtime and feeling like you never see your friends and family but your outcome is greater than any other, after all hard work pays off.

– Don’t feel like you have to prove yourself. Just because it’s not the traditional route to take doesn’t mean its wrong. I’m sure people at some point will have told you it would be impossible but don’t do it for them do it for you. Prove to yourself why you deserve to be one of the few people who get the chance to do something like this because others would kill for it.

– Always be thankful. The people who got you to where you are will be so proud of you.

TFX Performing Arts Academy is officially affiliated with Midlands Academy of Dance and Drama. An absolutely amazing Performing Arts college to get your professional training. Click here if you would like to know more about MADD.

Written by Jessica Gallagher

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