Why is there a  uniform?

A uniform is an important addition to belonging to TFX Performing Arts Academy.
It creates an identity and sense of belonging both at the classes and in public spaces.  Pride in themselves and in their school is a wonderful way for students to strive to be the best performer they can be.
Proper dance attire enables the teacher to see the dancers’ positions and movement in order to give necessary corrections for the benefit of the dancer’s education.  Fitted dancewear helps the teachers see the students’ bodies and lines for appropriate alignment and placement.
A dress code also teaches discipline, which is important in an art as demanding as the performing arts.

At TFX we require all students to have their uniform within 6 weeks of becoming a TFX member.

How do I know what to wear?

Our Dance Uniform information below features the correct dancewear and footwear needed for each dance class, and includes links and images of leotards and shoes, etc.
Please note that jewellery is not appropriate for dance class for safety reasons.

Long earrings and necklaces can get caught in hair or clothing while moving, and rings can cause scratches or injury as well.  Please leave all jewellery at home.  Medic alert bracelets are permitted!

Where do I purchase my dance uniform?

TFX Uniform can be purchased from our online uniform shop, MY DANCE STORE.   Here you will find all RAD ballet, Melody Bear ballet, Jazz, Acro & Tricks class uniforms.  Showtime underwear and hair accessories can also be found here.

TFX t-shirts, leggings, racer backs, shorts & bags can be ordered direct through TFX.

Have a look at our online catalogue and place your order by email or at class.
Prices, payment details and an order form are all in the catalogue.

What else do I need?

Students are encouraged to label all of their dancewear and shoes, so that if they are misplaced, they can easily be returned.
Boys are encouraged to wear dance support underwear.

All dancers should also have a well-organized dance bag!

At showtime, older students are encouraged to wear a nude suit under their dance clothes and costumes (beige or nude coloured under garments) to protect modesty.    Students may also need a garment bag for costumes!

How do I need to do my hair for TFX class?

Hair requirements are slightly different for various dance styles, but in general, hair should ALWAYS be put up for class, with hair off the face.

For ballet, dancers are required to wear a proper ballet bun.  Ballet hair kits are available for purchase here.

For all other classes, students should have hair up in a ponytail or other style that keeps hair pulled tightly back (braids, etc.).  Having hair groomed neatly instills a sense of discipline, is less distracting for the dancer, and allows the teacher to see the line of the neck and head properly without distraction.

Uniform Specifics:

TFX Classes – LAMDA, DinkyFX, Minis and Musical Theatre classes

  • TFX T-Shirt – various styles (mandatory) 
  • TFX Joggers or leggings or your own black leggings (mandatory)
  • Black Jazz shoes (mandatory)
  • TFX Hoody (optional)

Here is a shortcut straight to your uniform shop:  TFX Uniform Shop

TFX Jazz, Commercial and Performance Co. Classes


Junior & Inter Jazz: 

  • Black Silky footless tights (mandatory) click to see
  • Black Children’s Gladiolus Leotard (mandatory) click to see
  • Black Jazz shoes (mandatory)

Senior Jazz, Commercial & Performance:

  • Black Silky footless tights (mandatory) click to see
  • Black Briolette Mesh Leotard (mandatory) click to see
  • Black Jazz shoes (mandatory)
    • TFX T-Shirt & Hoody – various styles (optional)
    • TFX Joggers or leggings (optional)
    • TFX Crop Top (optional)
    • TFX Shorts (optional) 


  • 1st Position Jazz pants (mandatory) click to see
  • Black Tank top or TFX t-shirt (mandatory)
  • Black Jazz shoes (mandatory)

Here is a shortcut straight to your uniform shop: Jazz & Commercial Dance Uniform Shop

Ballet Classes each have their own link for uniform requirements in our online shop.

Here is a shortcut straight to your uniform shop: Ballet Uniform Shop



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