Preparing for your dance class

Check the Dress Code. Each class has a specific dress code and the required shoes are what you need to get the most out of class. They will also be the same shoes used for performances and it is important to practice in what you will perform in. Be ready to dance your best.

Water bottle. You’ll want a water bottle for class that you can refill at home, is large enough to last through class time, and that you can easily label with your name. Keep hydrated and energy levels high.

Stock up on hair supplies.  hair must be secured from your face for dance class. Hair is a distraction and you want it to be out of the way so that you can focus in class. Purchase hair bobbles for class and keep extras in your dance bag, so you are always prepared. We love seeing neat and tidy dancers.

Invite a friend. Dance is even better when it is shared. Sharing something you love with other people can make it even more fun. Don’t be afraid to let people know that you dance and see if they’d like to try a class with you. You never know who might be interested and just need a little extra boost of confidence that you can offer.

Mark Your Calendar. In dance there are so many exciting performances and events. Be sure to mark your calendar so that you know when you have classes or performances . Your group relies on you and it’s important to take that seriously by tracking all extra rehearsals and shows.

Get To Know Your Teacher. You can check out the website before class to see who you will be working with. Every teacher has something valuable to offer and while a new teacher may be intimidating, go in to class with an open mind. A new teacher may just turn in to your favorite teacher! Check out the teacher’s bios to learn a little about them.

Spread Some Sparkle! Dance is all about high energy, enthusiastic FUN! Come in to class with positive energy and ready to learn. Have a mindset that this is going to be the best dance class/term ever and infect those around you with your sparkle!

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