Jazz Dance

TFX Jazz classes are suited to children aged 7 – 12 years.

We offer 3 different Jazz classes for all ages and abilities.
No dance experience is needed for these classes.

The Jazz students enjoy performing at local events, in house productions and taking part in our shows in the Empire Theatre at Eden court.
Although dance is taught in our musical theatre classes, these classes offer more specialised and concentrated tuition in jazz/modern and street dance.

.Junior Jazz Dance is for students aged 7-9. This is a fun and energetic class where our young students are introduced to Jazz technique, corner work and learn new exciting routines.  Dance lessons are held in a large, airy room with a sprung floor.

Intermediate Jazz Dance is offered to students aged 10 to 12 years old.  Students are taught dance terms and phrases, foot positions, and to be aware of body form and posture. Routines are taught step by step at a pace which is challenging yet easy to follow. Choreography is tailored to suit the needs of our dancers and careful attention is given until students can execute the moves with confidence.  Dance lessons are held in a large, airy room with a sprung floor.

Senior Jazz Dance is offered to students aged 13+ years old. Dance experience is preferred but it is not essential.  Our interactive lessons enable our students to have an input in the choreography which encourages an active involvement into the meaning of dance. This interaction enables students to have a better understanding of the development of their routines which in turn inspires emotion while executing it’s moves. Senior dance classes are fresh, modern, and challenging. Students are encouraged to push themselves for experimentation and improvement in their dance. Dance lessons are held in a large, airy room with a sprung floor.


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