“Absolutely fantastic show again TFX every year gets better if that’s possible ? love being part of the TFX family ?”

Sue Stone

?FANTASTIC WHAT A SHOW???? Sally Coppen and all the team what a job you all did,a huge thank you for the way u all have helped Ruby’s confidence,we are very proud parents tonight ??”

Mark Gardner

“Absolutely amazing show last night. As a new tfx parent I was blown away. Hats off to everyone for all their hard work that made watching last night a complete delight ??”

Elaine Cameron

“We had a super day at Eden Court . First we were mesmerised by the Amazing sea creatures who danced , sang, smiled and performed for us in Making a Splash. A brief stop for a light tasty lunch before we sat back and enjoyed everything about Oh what a night , your hard work , team work and commitment paid off. Very proud to have such an amazing performance school on our door step . Congratulations to all the students and staff. You are all stars ⭐️?⭐️?x”

Jennifer Alexander

“Outstanding !! ???? completely blown away by all these amazing Tfx students and teachers, the work and dedication put in by everyone is amazing ! So proud xxxxx”

Lisa Curtis

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the TFX team and army of helpers for producing such an entertaining and professional show last weekend, each and every single student shone, just outstanding! You all make TFX fun every single week for Emily and allow her to flourish and grow under your guidance and care and Gary and I cannot thank you enough! Angela x”

Angela Brown

“Just home from an amazing show @ Eden Court – One Night Only….this was absolutely fab!! Well done to everyone involved in the show you should be very proud to be part of the T.F.X family!! All teachers & staff have pulled this off again!!”

Tracey Gordon

“It brought a tear to my eye when the curtain went down last night to think that would be my last show with TFX. TFX has always been such a massive part of my life and I feel I have made myself not just lifelong friends but a kind of second family during my 12 years. I cannot thank all the staff enough for making my years with them such an amazing experience and filling them with the very best training. Looking forward to the events still to come until I move on to Uni or something else after summer. Thankyou for all the amazing memories. Cannot thank you all enough!”

Kelly Martin

“I have felt emotional all day whenever I think of last night. Wonderful, fabulous young people to be so proud of! All the staff at TFX have inspired this success. These experiences and memories will last a lifetime.Thank you all. You are loved and appreciated.”

Louise Foster

“Through my 10/11 years at TFX I grew into the performer and dancer I am today. They gave me confidence I didn’t always have, opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have had and they gave me the passion and sincerity I have today for preforming, through my class time their and on stage in the many, many productions I was in with them. I am now moving on and have decided to do dancing as a professional career. I am off to study a three year course in professional stage dance and use the skills TFX has taught me over the years. I’ll never be able to thank them enough for that. For putting up with me through my hyper active tiny tots stage, my bratty teenage stage and now my professional, happy and confident stage. Through TFX I made my best friends. Friends I will always have. And that is something in itself. Their teachers always strive for more out of you yet we always seemed to be laughing along the way. You respected them yet after no time at all I saw them as friends too and people I could confine in if I felt I needed help. I couldn’t beginning to type the amount of hilarious stories and memories I have through TFX. But I can say that weather you want to have a fun out of school activity or you want to take preforming arts seriously from whatever age, I throughly recommend TFX preforming arts academy. I will miss it dearly but they won’t have gotten ride of me for good, I’ll be in any time I’m home to let them know how I’m getting on! – Riona Logan.”

Riona Logan

“Attending TFX whilst I was growing up definitely contributed hugely to the person I am today. It’s hard to be part of something for 11 years and not have it shape you into who you are. Being at TFX made me a much more confident person and I feel like I really benefitted from the encouragement I received from all the lovely, talented staff and made some of the best friends I have at TFX which can only be a bonus! Although I am obviously biased, I 100% think that TFX is of the highest standard of musical theatre training available to young people, not only in Inverness but everywhere! They opened up so many opportunities to me that I otherwise not have had and I am so grateful for everything I gained from being part of such an amazing school. I personally have chosen not to peruse a career in musical theatre but it will still remain a part of my life as I plan to keep it as a hobbie when I am away in Aberdeen at uni and will of course be popping in on Saturdays when I’m home to see how everyone is getting on 🙂 Jill x”


“My daughter started going to TFX performing Arts-Academy when she was 3 and a half years old. She is now 12 years old and absolutely loves it! She can’t wait for a Saturday to come around and every class is fun and exciting. And she loves the chance to perform on stage. TFX has helped her develop into a confident young adult. All teachers and staff are well trained, friendly and fun!”

Nik Fox

“I love T.F.X because I have been taught to dance professionally. We do lots of amazing shows for family and friends to come and see, they are so proud of us all. Making new friends from all different places is fun too. I joined T.F.X aged 4 as a “dinky” and I’m now also in the jazz dance class and love it. Dance is what I love the most, but second is singing then acting. Thank you T.F.X for helping me be the best I can be. Coming to T.F.X is bringing me closer to my dream of being a dancer…..boy dancers rock!!”

Gordon – age 9

“T.F.X is not only a professional musical theatre school, it is a great and exciting place to dance, sing & act. When I joined T.F.X a couple of years ago I was the shy little girl at the back of the class. Today I am auditioning for parts in shows and singing solo, I really am amazed at how I have overcome my shyness. I couldn’t have done this without the support from the teachers they are fun and just like family to all of us. I love T.F.X and my favourite part is being happy, confident and just being ….ME!! Thank you T.F.X ..loving my life xx”

Cheyenne – age 10

“TFX has always been such a massive part of my life and I feel I have made myself not just lifelong friends but a kind of second family during my 12 years there.  I cannot thank all the staff enough for making my years with them such an amazing experience and filling them with the very best training. I miss my time there immensely already but I’m so happy I’m leaving with many skills and achievements I could never have had without TFX not only in dance, drama and singing but in confidence and other essential qualities which have made me into the person I am today. Thank you so much TFX.”

Kelly Martin

“I started TFX when I was 3 years old,now 9 years old i’am not that shy 3 year old when I first started.
I have made lots of friends and have learnt gained lots in confidence. I love TFX and the staff are great.”

Rhea Crawford – age 9

“I have being part of TFX now since I was 3 1/2 years old! 9 1/2 years on I very much still enjoy TFX. TFX has given me confidence in all areas of Musical Theatre but also in performing on stage professionally. I have had many experiences with TFX and hope to have many more and continue to make progress in all areas off Musical Theatre. My dream is to become professional one day and TFX has helped me become closer to my dream.”

Cody Crawford

“Hi Sally, just a message to say how fabulous TFX were on Saturday evening with everyone commenting on how fantastic they were, they certainly made an impression . It was just a fabulous evening , all the ladies have booked their tables for next year and we made an amazing £3,380 with some more donations coming in. A special thanks to the lovely Claire, always so happy and also thank you for all your support.”

A Testimonial from a charity event our performance class performed at in Invergorden for Crone’s and Colitis

“Before coming to TFX, I was a shy and nervous individual but TFX managed to open so many doors for me in the 5 years I was there and gave me so much confidence and determination. I was given several opportunities to perform in a professional environment at the theatre, in fashion shows and at upmarket events. My dancing, singing and acting significantly improved during the time I was with TFX along with my self-esteem and social skills! I made so many friends at TFX, during class and at rehearsals- friends that I will undoubtedly keep for life. At the end of my time at TFX I decided not to pursue a career in Musical Theatre or Dance but if I had wanted to, the dedicated team at TFX would have been sure to give me a helping hand with auditions and preparation for Musical Theatre School auditions. I would unquestionably recommend TFX to any children or teenagers who want to gain confidence, work on their skills, pursue a musical theatre career or basically just want to have fun and make new friends. Thank you TFX for everything you did for me over the 5 years I was there- I wouldn’t be the same person if it wasn’t for all your support and commitment. I’ll never forget the memories I made, the people I met or the self-confidence I acquired- TFX is without a doubt the best theatre school you will find in the Highlands.”

So much confidence and determination
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