Riona Logan

“Through my 10/11 years at TFX I grew into the performer and dancer I am today. They gave me confidence I didn’t always have, opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have had and they gave me the passion and sincerity I have today for preforming, through my class time their and on stage in the many, many productions I was in with them. I am now moving on and have decided to do dancing as a professional career. I am off to study a three year course in professional stage dance and use the skills TFX has taught me over the years. I’ll never be able to thank them enough for that. For putting up with me through my hyper active tiny tots stage, my bratty teenage stage and now my professional, happy and confident stage. Through TFX I made my best friends. Friends I will always have. And that is something in itself. Their teachers always strive for more out of you yet we always seemed to be laughing along the way. You respected them yet after no time at all I saw them as friends too and people I could confine in if I felt I needed help. I couldn’t beginning to type the amount of hilarious stories and memories I have through TFX. But I can say that weather you want to have a fun out of school activity or you want to take preforming arts seriously from whatever age, I throughly recommend TFX preforming arts academy. I will miss it dearly but they won’t have gotten ride of me for good, I’ll be in any time I’m home to let them know how I’m getting on! – Riona Logan.”

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Riona Logan