“Attending TFX whilst I was growing up definitely contributed hugely to the person I am today. It’s hard to be part of something for 11 years and not have it shape you into who you are. Being at TFX made me a much more confident person and I feel like I really benefitted from the encouragement I received from all the lovely, talented staff and made some of the best friends I have at TFX which can only be a bonus! Although I am obviously biased, I 100% think that TFX is of the highest standard of musical theatre training available to young people, not only in Inverness but everywhere! They opened up so many opportunities to me that I otherwise not have had and I am so grateful for everything I gained from being part of such an amazing school. I personally have chosen not to peruse a career in musical theatre but it will still remain a part of my life as I plan to keep it as a hobbie when I am away in Aberdeen at uni and will of course be popping in on Saturdays when I’m home to see how everyone is getting on 🙂 Jill x”

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